Physical Security, Integrated Security, Correctional Facilties, Access Control
Contact PACT for all Physical Security Needs PACT: Our skill sets include security including: Physical Security, Integrated Security, Correctional Security, Access Control Let PACT secure your facility with our expertise in Integrated Security View how our Physical Security, Integrated Security, and Access Control Security measures can impact Correction Security Facilties Contact PACT for all Security Controls for your facility FAQ's regarding our Security Skill Sets
Providing Total Physical Security Solutions Perimeter Access Cotrol, Integrated Security, Correctional Security Systems
Security Skill Sets

Perimeter Access Control Technologies
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Physical Security
:Active and Passive K-rated vehicle barriers and bollards
:Welded Wire Mesh
:Chain Link
:Force Protected Ornamental Fence (K-rated & Certified)
:Concertina Wire
:Anti-Vehicle Integrated Cable Systems
:Retro-fitted anti-vehicular cable systems to existing barriers

Integrated Security
:Detection Systems
:Taut Wire Fence Systems
:Shaker Systems
:Pressure Sensitive Fiber
:Infared Motion Detection
:Volumetric Sensors

Correctional Security

Access Control Systems
:Underground Systems
:Gate Controllers
:Volumetric Sensors

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Providing Physical & Perimeter Security, Access Control, Integrated Security, Correctional Security for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, Goverment Facilities, Corporate, and Residential customers for over 50 years.